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Is this logbook software really FREE ?

Yes, the Standard Edition of CrewLounge CLUB is totally free. You can log an unlimited number of records and your entries do not expire.

 Do I get support from the Helpdesk as a free user ?

We take pride in delivering an excellent service to all pilots using CrewLounge CLUB logbook software, whether you are a STD (free), PRO or ENT / ENT+ user. Whenever you need support, contact the Helpdesk for assistance ! Our Helpdesk is available 24 / 7.  All questions are handled in the order they are received

I want to run CrewLounge CLUB on 2 computers, do I need to purchase 2 licenses ?

The license key is issued and linked to your personal name. You cannot share your license key with other pilots, including your partner, should both of you be a pilot. However, a single license key can be used on multiple devices. You do NOT need to pay twice.

While this is also valid for the PRO Edition, you must keep in mind that the databases do not synchronize. Changes on one computer will not show on the other computer !
You need an ENT license to automatically synchronize multiple devices.